Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Hazard Falls #1
January 4, 2020
Suspenseful Seduction Publishing
Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Blair lost the love of her life when her fiancé, and father to their unborn child, went missing and was presumed dead. Returning to Hazard Falls, she must plan for her baby’s future without Grant by her side.

Drake only intended to give his brother’s baby a father, but a marriage of convenience grows into a genuine one when he and Blair fall in love and welcome two more children into their little family.

Grant’s love for Blair was the only thing that kept him alive for six years in a North Korean prison camp until he was rescued. But she now belongs to his brother—a fact Grant can’t bring himself to face.

When the woman he still loves and the son he’s never met are in danger, Grant must do everything he can to protect them. But will his return to Hazard Falls destroy them all, or will Grant have the chance to win Blair’s heart again, this time sharing her with his brother?

**Story contains MFM ménage relationship.

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