Sweet Revenge

January 30, 2024
Suspenseful Seduction Publishing
Available in: e-Book

Sweet Revenge

Her high school bully is the last person Allondra Dawson wants to see. 

Once, she loved handsome, infuriating Weston Lockhart—until he tried to humiliate her in front of their entire sophomore class.

Years later, when Allie runs into West, he doesn’t recognize her.

It’s the perfect opportunity for revenge…

She’ll make him crave her, then walk away and shatter him.

But teasing and flirting become seduction, and the pleasure is too delicious to stop.

Too late, she realizes she’s falling for him again.

Will he break her heart a second time when he learns why she schemed her way into his bed?

**A standalone novella that was included in the limited-edition Revenge F*ck anthology.